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Ink - Tsuru

Ink - Tsuru


Tsuru (lit. Crane) is a very fine ink specialized in minute lines, and therefore for writing Kana (Japanese alphabet) in calligraphy. It expands easily on Washi type sheets and provides a feeling of calm for both the calligrapher and the viewer of the work. It is very popular with students or for writing small Japanese texts.
Extended aging: 3 years
Engravings and inscriptions: Japanese crane (recto)
Example of use: Calligraphy (Kana), practice ink, etc.
Preparation time with a Suzuri: 10-15 minutes

  • Size

    1.5 cho (details)

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    In order to preserve product quality, we do not accept any refunds or exchanges of shipped merchandise. For our complete policy, see ourConditions of sale.

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