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Maïka's Artwork

Maïka, master of Japanese calligraphy


Origin: Yamagata (Japan)

Koboku School of Calligaphy: Instructor Masahiro Nogawa 

Japanese Calligraphy Instructor Qualification (Shihan 師範)

Qualification of Master Calligrapher (Seika 成家) 

Exhibition advisor and competition judge at the Kenshin Calligraphy Society (Tokyo) 

Several distinctions of exposition for Yomiuri Calligraphy (Tokyo)

Several excellence awards from the Kenshin Calligraphy Society (Tokyo)



Maïka began Japanese calligraphy in 1989 when, already as a child, she discovered a passion for artistic writing. Calligraphy for her is above all a moment of appeasement and calm. With so many years of experience and through numerous competitions, she has perfected her artistic technique to such an extent that she has received numerous prizes in the biggest competitions, notably those of the Kenshin Calligraphy Society organizing the most prestigious competition in Japan.

In 2022, she moved to Québec with her husband where she wishes to actively promote her art and introduce its many applications. Seeing every day as a new challenge, and every turn as an opportunity, Maïka is determined to spread the culture of Japanese calligraphy independently across the country.

Calligraphy Maïka was officially launched in 2023 and offers comprehensive training in Japanese calligraphy and cultural workshops in related sectors. Maïka Calligraphy also involves the creation of personalized works, logos or company designs and the distribution of calligraphy materials including the famous traditional Suzuka inks (Suzukazumi). 

What is Japanese calligraphy?

Japanese calligraphy is a world of simplistic monochrome harmony. It is the infinite expression of feelings through shades of ink, fluidity of lines and beauty of spaces. It is also the culture of “Kotodama”, or the idea that words have a soul. Each word must be positive and beautifully presented so that a bright future opens up for the viewer. It is, ultimately, an profound aromatherapy thanks to the soothing fragrances of traditional Japanese ink.

Sumi character
Japanese Calligraphy Ink
Artistic approach


Each work requires dozens or hundreds of practices. Each line is carefully applied until the work is faithful to the artist's vision. Maïka’s objective is to deliver the very essence of harmony derived from Japanese calligraphy.

Origin of the artist name “Maïka” 


There is a famous mountain called “Maizuru” in Tendo (Yamagata) from where one can admire cherry blossoms and a unique panoramic view of the city. The name Maïka (“Mai” from Maizuru means “dance” and “ka” means flower) was given to the artist to represent her desire to challenge herself abroad, like cherry blossoms dancing in the wind.

Suzuka ink


Suzuka ink (Suzukazumi) traces its origin to Ise, now Mié Prefecture, around the end of the 12th century, when ink was made from the soot of Koematsu pines grown in the mountains of the city of Suzuka. Its rise was encouraged by a growing demand for precision, high-quality inks for dyeing, art, and calligraphy, especially with the Tokugawa culture of the Edo era. 


Despite a decline in interest in solid ink crafted in Japan following industrialization, a few artisans are still very popular due to their extreme high-quality production. The best example would be the Shinseido company, recognized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan as an important cultural craft heritage. This family business has managed to preserve traditional techniques while bringing a touch of innovation to its craft. Indeed, Suzukazumi Shinseido has succeeded in producing, in addition to its high-end inks, the first ink produced in a traditional way with coloured shades and the first series of high quality ink ready for use in just 1 minute.

The use of top quality natural raw materials produced in the city of Suzuka (pure pine oil, alkaline water and optimal jelly provides coagulability, adhesiveness and the ideal texture for the creation of artistic works. Those inks are elegant, thick and their component particles are of perfect fineness for its attachment to paper, fabric and wood. 

It is an honour for Maïka to have a privileged partnership with this family business, to be able to use and promote their inks through her works and to distribute their products across the country.

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