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Ink - Suzuka Novice

Ink - Suzuka Novice


A smooth, glossy, dark ink with moderate adhesion. Suzuka Novice was designed especially for calligraphy students or practicing professionals, as its preparation time is less than 1 minute.


Several calligraphers now use it for their final works because of its malleability. Several schools in Japan use it to give calligraphy lessons and Mié has even made it the ink used in all primary schools in the prefecture.


Engravings and inscriptions: Suzuka (recto)
Example of use: Calligraphy (Kanji and Kana), practice ink, etc.
Preparation time with a Suzuri: 1 minute

  • Size

    1 cho (details)

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    In order to preserve product quality, we do not accept any refunds or exchanges of shipped merchandise. For our complete policy, see ourConditions of sale.

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