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Ink - Suzuka Original

Ink - Suzuka Original


Suzuka ink is of such exceptional quality that the Japanese government has recognized it as a cultural heritage of traditional craftsmanship. The Suzuka Original is the brand's flagship product and is characterized by its dark and shiny appearance which adheres moderately to the material. Some may perceive a very slight reddish or mauve shade depending on the density of the preparation.

Extended aging: 2 years
Engravings and inscriptions: Suzuka (front), Map of Japan indicating Mié (back)
Example of use: Calligraphy (Kanji and Kana), sumi-e painting, dyeing (wood, fabrics), etc.
Preparation time with a Suzuri: 5-10 minutes

  • Size

    5 cho (details)

  • Return and refund policy

    In order to preserve product quality, we do not accept any refunds or exchanges of shipped merchandise. For our complete policy, see ourConditions of sale.

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