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Kira no Irodori - Orange

Kira no Irodori - Orange


The Kira no Irodori (Lit. Sparkling Colors) series is very colorful and bright, whether diluted or not. Very popular with artists for its liveliness and with children in training. It is recommended to have a suzuri (polishing stone) different by color, but it is not obligatory to obtain very beautiful results.


Kira no Irodori comes in 5 colors, sold together or separately.

Example of use: Sumi-e paint, stain (wood, fabrics), etc.
Preparation time with a Suzuri: 15-20 minutes

  • Size

    1 cho (details)

  • Return and refund policy

    In order to preserve product quality, we do not accept any refunds or exchanges of shipped merchandise. For our complete policy, see ourConditions of sale.

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